Affiliate Networks

You can add an affiliate network manually or you can use the prepared templates.

Creating Affiliate Networks


Choose your affiliate network from the list.


A name of the affiliate network.

Postback URL

A postback address which must be listed on the affiliate network. For more information about postbacks and available options read the page Postbacks.

Pull API

Keitaro tracker has the possibility to query conversion reports using a schedule. AppsFlyer is integrated using this way. When selecting this affiliate network template user should set app_name(e.g. com.username.appname.Android), api_token(in format 01234567-89ab-cdef-0123-456789abcdef) and interval for querying report. Please be aware that the standard account of AppsFlyer has a query per day limit (these limits can be obtained from AppsFlyer support). During specifying URL of postback additional parameters can be sent to a tracker. In order to do so, a user can use parameter name from the resulting CSV. For example, if this name is “Install Time”, a user can use macro {Install+Time}. So to set install time to sub_id_7 user should add sub_id_7={Install+Time} to postback URL.

Read our full guide about integrating with AppsFlyer.

List of Affiliate Networks Templates,,,,,, AD-X,,,,,,,, AdvGame,,,,,, Affise,, AppsFlyer,,, cake,,, clickbank,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dr.Cash,,,,,,,,, HasOffers,,, (Beta),,,,,,,,,,,,, (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, PaySale,,,,, (,,,,,,, Traffic Light (,,,,, Wap.Cash,, Wap.Men,,,, Wap MoneySyst,,,,, Zorka.Network.

We can add any templates. To do that, please send to the following information:

  1. List of tokens.
  2. Instruction how to send subid/clickid through an affiliate network.