ionCube Installation

Installation to shared hosting

To install ionCube you will need root access to server which is not provided by hostings. You can try to ask you hoster to install ionCube. Otherwise, you will have to find another hosting.

How to install ioncube (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS)

For PHP 5.6

bash <(curl -s '')

For PHP 7.0

bash <(curl -s '')

For PHP 7.1

bash <(curl -s '')

Why is ioncube disabled in installer?

PHP has several configs “php.ini”. If ioncube is enabled in the console version php -m it may not be connected to the server version.

Create a file in the domain directory info.php with code:

<?php phpinfo() ?>

Check if there is a line the ionCube PHP Loader (enabled)....

The solution:

  1. Restart a server to update the php configuration.
  2. Find configuration files of the server php. Usually they are at /etc/php5/fpm/, /etc/php5/apache/. Connect the extension there.

How to update ioncube to version 5

At first, check your PHP version:

php -v

If the version lower than PHP 5.4 you need to update PHP to 5.5, 5.6 or 7.0 version. You can do it by yourself or ask at the hoster support or make an order.