Which License to Buy

How much does the license cost?

The up-to-date license prices can be found at https://keitaro.io/en/pricing

Trial License

Trial license has all the features of a Professional license, but limited by:

  1. two campaigns;
  2. two streams in each campaign;
  3. only one filter can be used in a single stream.

Basic License

  • Intelligent split testing and rotators: Keitaro provides 20+ filters for a precise web-traffic targeting (geolocation, mobile operator, device and browser info, timetable and more).
  • Flexible actions: Besides redirects, Keitaro allows to show any content, render a frame, run JS snippet or request data from an external page.
  • Easy to navigate detailed in-depth stats: Keitaro detects more than 20 visitor characteristics and calculates 30+ metrics. Every report is customizable.
  • All types of traffic sources compatibility: Keitaro perfectly works with Facebook, Google Adwords, AdMob and many other ad networks.
  • All type of affiliates model compatibility: Keitaro can be used for CPA offers, contact collecting, app installs and direct sales.
  • All type of offers compatibility: Keitaro isn't limited by CPA offers.
  • Link and page protection: Keitaro helps to protect your links from bots and competitors.
  • Single-click installation: We provide a script that does all necessary work on your new server automatically.
  • Domain: you can add one domain for your campaign links instead if the IP-address.
  • Free SSL: free SSL certificates can be installed for every domain linked with the tracker.
  • Technical support: via the email, an online chat on a website, a Facebook group or a Telegram chat.
  • Lifetime software upgrades: we constantly upgrade the tracker and add new features to stay up-to-date and provide you with the best tracker experience.

Professional License

Basic License features and:

  • Multiple domains: you can add an unlimited number of domain names to the tracker.
  • Added domains can be used as campaign links. Thus, a pure domain name can be used as a campaign link without any aliases. E.g. one can use domain.com as a link instead of domain.com/example.
  • Create up to 5 users: you can create separate accesses to Keitaro for 5 different users.
  • WordPress integration with our Wordpress plugin is available, so you can integrate your WP websites hustle-free.
  • Click API client allows to integrate websites on other servers with Keitaro and allows to perform campaign on the integrated websites.
  • Custom actions and redirects: you can develop custom redirects, actions, macros and filters and use them in Keitaro.

Business License

Professional License features and:

  • Our team will install a tracker for you, just buy a VPS and send us your server credentials and a license key.
  • The unlimited number of users accesses to Keitaro.
  • Admin API to interact with the tracker with API.
  • Branding features - you can replace Keitaro favicon and a logo with your company’s logo and favicon.
  • Priority support - any requests from users with the Business license are solved first.

I want to upgrade my license

You can upgrade at any time. If you choose to upgrade, you’ll pay a pro-rated amount for the rest of the month.

Go to your account on keitaro.io to Licenses page. Click on “Change Edition” and choose the type of the license you want to upgrade to.

I want to downgrade my license

You can downgrade at any time. If you choose to downgrade, the extra paid amount won’t be refunded.

Go to your account on keitaro.io to Licenses page. Click on “Change Edition” and choose the type of the license you want to downgrade to.