Working with Other Services

How to connect Keitaro to Instagram/Facebook?

How to track visitors or newsletter readers?

This solution allows you to track the reading of letters. Just add a picture to a letter that will be loaded when the message is read.

  1. Download any gif file. It can be a logo, a product image or a pixel (size 1×1);
  2. Create a campaign. Choose the action type “CURL” and enter the address of the picture (
  3. Create a traffic source, for example, “Email newsletter”;
  4. Copy the campaign URL (button “Get URL”);
  5. Add this code to the email template (not to the email text), replacing the campaign URL:
<img src="http://CAMPAIGN_URL" width="50" height="100" alt="Company Logo"/>

You can add extra options:

<img src="http://CAMPAIGN_URL?" width="50" height="100" alt="Company Logo" />