Redis Installation


If PHP is installed from oficial repo:

yum install -y redis php5-redis
service php5-fpm restart
chkconfig redis on
service httpd restart

If you use REMI repo:

yum install -y redis php56-php-redis
service php56-php-fpm restart


apt-get install redis-server
service redis-server start
pecl install redis
echo "" > /etc/php.d/redis.ini
service php-fpm restart
service apache2 restart 
sudo update-rc.d redis-server defaults

Note: if pecl is not installed (pecl is not found), intall the package php5-dev — "apt-get install php5-dev"

Connect Redis to Keitaro

Check the option “Use Redis” at the “Settings” page.

Redis is installed, but the error "PHP Fatal error: Class 'Redis' not found" appears

If the cron is run by the console version php (php-cli), check that it is also connected redis

php -m

If it is not among the modules, look for the configuration file

php -i | grep php.ini

Connect redis in this file:

extension =

Restart PHP-FPM / Apache.

Do I need to protect Redis?

In Redis is not stored any meaningful data, but just in case better to close it.

Edit the file:

sudo nano /etc/redis/redis.conf

Find the line and remove the symbol # (if it's there):