How to export a report

In the reports where export is available, press the “Export” button. You will be offered a choice of CSV or HTML format. The encoding of files is UTF-8.

How to update revenue

You can import new conversions with updating the payouts. Go to Maintenance > Import Conversions.

How can I change the currency?

Change it at the “Maintenance > Settings”.

How to provide access to reports to your client or to a third party?

Create a new user and limit for him the access to campaigns and report metrics.

Can't upload a large report (csv/html), the error Timeout

It takes some time to create a report on the server. See the list of uploaded reports at the page “Reports > Exported Reports”.

How to change the order of columns in reports

Press the “Columns” button. Here you can arrange columns in desired order by dragging the names.

CSV exports with wrong formatting

The solution:

  1. Create a new empty table in Excel.
  2. File → Import.
  3. Select «CSV file», click «Import» and choose your file.
  4. Select «Original data type: Delimited», «File origin: Cyrillic (Windows)», click «Next».
  5. Leave only «Delimeters: Semicolon», click Finish.
  6. Confirm and click «OK».

Why is the value of "Time spent on a Landing" empty?

The time is calculated in two cases:

  1. The visit to the offer is performed through the stream scheme “Landings > Offers”.
  2. Keitaro received the first postback on the click.

If you see an empty value, that means none of the conditions is fulfilled.

Why Up-sells are not Included in Conversion Count?

It was made to prevent calculating incorrect CR (Conversion Rate). You can add column/metric “Up-sells” to your reports.

How to filter clicks with an empte referer

  1. Go to Clicks Log > Filters.
  2. Select “Referer” filter.
  3. Choose “Regexp” as a condition.
  4. Put “^$” as a value.

Why the cost differs in Offers/Affiliate Networks and in campaigns

Offers/Affiliate Networks pages don't calculate costs when there weren't any offer visits. Check the campaign's reports: Campaign > Reports > Offers and Campaign > Reports > Affiliate Networks.