How to Choose a Server for Keitaro

Keitaro is a self-hosted tracker, which means it requires a server to be installed to.

Keitaro can be installed only on empty dedicated servers or VPSs on CentOS 7 without any panels.

Our auto-installation script allows you to install Keitaro easily with all components that the tracker needs.

For more information about the single-click installation read How to Install Keitaro page.

Vultr — cheapest virtual servers in Europe, USA and Asia. Allows upgrade server without reinstalling the tracker. Installation Guide

DigitalOcean - high-quality servers in North America. Installation Guide

Microsoft Azure - virtual dedicated servers from Microsoft. Installation Guide

Hetzner - high-quality servers in Europe and all over the world.

Software Requirements

  • CentOS 7
  • KVM Virtualization
  • Empty server
  • No panels (no cPanel, Vesta, etc.)

Hardware Requirements

20GB SSD is minimal required. 1M clicks statistics take approximately 1GB of disk space.

Minimum 2GB RAM is required.

OpenVZ servers are not supported

Average traffic volume 50 000 visitors per day:

  • 1CPU, 2GB RAM

Average traffic volume 200 000 visitors per day:

  • 2CPU, 2GB RAM (without Redis and PHP-FPM)

Average traffic volume of more than 200 000 visitors per day:

  • 2CPU, 4GB RAM (Redis, PHP-FPM)

Average traffic volume of more than 500 000 visitors per day:

  • 4CPU, 6GB RAM (Redis, PHP-FPM)

More than 1 million visitors:

  • 8 CPU, 8GB RAM (Redis, PHP-FPM)

How much disk space does Keitaro require?

20GB SSD minimum for normal operation of the server. Then it will depend on how much statistics is necessary to store.

1 000 entries of detailing transition take ~ 1 MB at MySQL. For example, you expect 200 000 visitors per day and stats will be stored in the past month:

200 000 × 31 / 1 000 = ~6.2 GB

This calculation is very inaccurate, but it allows you to buy the necessary disk space in advance.