On Trends page you can build tables and charts by months, days of the week, days and hours.

Filters and Metrics are available.

How to export a table

  1. Build a necessary report ar a chart.
  2. Click “Export” button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Choose the HTML or a CSV formatting for the report.
  4. The encoding of files is UTF-8.

Can't upload a large report (csv/html), the error Timeout

It takes some time to create a report on the server. See the list of uploaded reports at the page “Reports > Exported Reports”.

CSV exports with wrong formatting

The solution:

  1. Create a new empty table in Excel.
  2. File → Import.
  3. Select «CSV file», click «Import» and choose your file.
  4. Select «Original data type: Delimited», «File origin: Cyrillic (Windows)», click «Next».
  5. Leave only «Delimeters: Semicolon», click Finish.
  6. Confirm and click «OK».