Updating Keitaro 8 to 9

Update Keitaro to the latest 8th version before launching a script.


  1. Download a script upgrader9
  2. Upload it to a Keitaro 8 directory.
  3. Disable cron job in case you have a big traffic volume.
  4. Run a script in a browser http://your_domain/upgrader9.php//
  5. Follow the script's instructions.

VPS/VDS solution

  • Run in a terminal:

curl https://keitaro.io/getfile/upgrader9 > /var/www/keitaro/upgrader9.php

rm /var/www/keitaro/upgrader9.php

Campaigns don't work after an upgrade

In case your campaigns don't work after an upgrade, go to “Maintenance” > “Status” page and click on “Reload cache”.